PPC Soar Foil Board

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Designed to be stable, pop off the water at low speed, and feel dialed in and rip when up foiling, with as little swing weight as possible.

After many hours on the water wing foiling in all sorts of conditions we have made numerous prototypes & tested many changes to our original wing board model ‘the Glide’.

The brief was to design a board that pops off the water at low speed, remains stable for size, feels dialed in & is just rip-able when up foiling with as little swing weight as possible at each size.

Featuring super sharp rear edges, like those on racing windsurfers, we have ditched the tail bevel, giving more volume to push off the water with, meaning reduced swing weight at each board size.

Using our unique moulded core technology we could get even sharper edges & keep the strength in the sharp points. Regular CNC constructed boards just cannot do this.

Inserts / track positions are proving critical in wind foiling. Our inserts and track positions were re- developed, ensuring true balance when the foil is connected so you get that locked in feeling whatever your stance is  – especially foiling at speed.

Our boards are getting more & more popular around the world not only due to the design but our extremely strong yet light-weight construction techniques.

Fitted out with Chinook inserts, gore-tex air vent & our easy to carry under handle.