Kitesurfing Locations Around the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast hosts some of the best kitesurfing locations in Eastern Australia. No matter if you are into wave riding, freestyle, freeride or hydrofoil, there is something for you. There are great flat water spots, or hit the open beaches for some magic moments, but please read the guidelines at the bottom of this page and speak to local kiters before going out.

Shearwater Esplande, Runaway Bay

Kitesurfing The Pass, Byron Bay

The ideal wind directions are Northerly, Easterly or Southerly. This is one of the best flat water spots on the Gold Coast. Good for beginners on Low tide, but it can get choppy and works best on dead high or dead low tides. The current generated by tide can be quite strong and sometimes work against the rider.

You can ride over the Broadwater to reach South Stradbroke Island, or run a down-winder to or from SeaWorld. Park vehicles and pump up kites in the grassed area near the car park, and then walk down to the sandy beach to rig and launch.

Located 30 minutes north of Surfers Paradise, you can set up at Anglers Esplanade or Shearwater Esplanade. There is a grassy area to pump up your kites. The nearest public toilets and facilities are at Runaway Bay Shopping Centre which is 200m from the launch area.

Other Kitesurfing Locations on the Gold Coast

Kitesurfing Tallows Beach


Advanced kiters only. Located 30 minutes south of Surfers Paradise. Take the exit after the bridge leaving Palm Beach, or pull off into the carpark before the bridge and setup on the Beach side. This spot only works on a Northerly or NE. One of the busier flat water spots on the Gold Coast, it has some nice flat water behind the sandbar, and a nice surf point break at the tip which can get some super smooth waves. Be careful not to kite too far into the lagoon, as the wind tends to be obstructed by the trees the further you get in. It works best on an out going tide and you can just set up on the sand near the car park in the estuary, play in the flat water for a while then head out into the waves.

Kitesurfing Suffolk Park

KFC, Loders Creek

Suitable for advanced riders, the ideal wind directions are Northerly, Easterly or Southerly, although it can be gusty on a southerly. Lower tides work best, be careful as the tide fills in the water gets deep very fast and there can be quite a sweep generated by the current. At high tide there is barely any beach so launching can be tricky. There is a grassy area to pump up kites. Nearest Public toilets are by the boat ramp and other facilities are all a short drive at Australia Fair Shopping Centre. Park vehicles and pump up kites in the grassed area near Len Fox Park, and then walk down to the sandy beach to rig and launch.

Kitesurfing Broken Head

Narrowneck (Main Beach)

Suitable for intermediate to expert riders, the ideal wind directions are North through East to South. This is one of the busier wave spots on the Gold Coast, it has some nice waves on the artificial reef and a few other waves off the sandbars. Outgoing or Incoming tides work best for the swell, and it can get quite messy at high tide. Rig up & Launch on the beach, always launch kite facing the ocean. There is a car park right in front of the launch/land zone. This is not a beginner spot, the waves can get quite big on some days. Please respect the locals, and always give way to riders who are on a wave. Stay clear of the yellow and red flags, and if you need to cross them, ensure you are at least 200m offshore before doing so.

Kitesurfing Guidelines for the Gold Coast

No Kitesurfing in designated swimming areas, i.e. within 60m either side of swimming flags, extending 500m out from the flags.

As per Maritime safety guidelines, keep at least 60m distance off from other people if travelling at a speed of 10 knots or greater. At less than 10 knots you may proceed with caution navigating around other water users at a safe distance. If crowds make keeping this distance away from others impossible, then it is not suitable to kitesurf and other beaches should be used.

Kitesurfers must have public liability insurance for land and water, eg. KA (Kitesurfing Australian) or IKO membership compulsory. Your tag must be displayed on harness. A safety leash must be worn whilst kiting.

Please comply with the Kiteboarding Australia safe kiting guidelines.