Naish Wing Foil Package

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Package includes 


110 or 125 Litre GS  Hover board 

MA 1600 foil plane

75cm mast 


Whether you’re new to foiling, on a budget or looking to add to your quiver this package has got you covered. Including a S27 Hover GS Wing/SUP AND a complete S26 Jet MA foil of your choice you’ll be on the water at a fraction of the price!

Premium shape and wallet friendly, the Hover GS includes multiple footstep inserts, an alligator EVA traction pad, high density reinforcing and reinforced wood stance area.

The Jet MA is designed for high lift at low speeds, a reduced wing span for buttery smooth tight turns with the truncated wingtip concept also providing the maximum possible glide for the reduced span, making manoeuvres effortless while significantly reducing drag for higher top speeds.