Naish 810 Complete S25

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For S25 Naish is pushing forward with creating a foil that is aimed at beginner-to-advanced riders looking for improved performance at the top end.

The Kite 810 front wing features a medium-high aspect delta platform, mild center span anhedral, and washed out flattened wingtips for low drag and a balanced, easy feel. This wing is smooth with early takeoff and a wider range with higher speed and control. For improved pumping and top end speed we’ve paired it with the Jet HA 280 stabilizer. Wings are not the only things that are new, the S25 foils feature a redesigned fuselage and mast as well. The fuselage is lighter and has stainless steel helicoil inserts to further reduce potential corrosion. The 95 cm mast has been completely redesigned to be stiffer in both bending and torsional flex and is 25% lighter than previous years. The mast also features a new bonding system to the board mount as well as the fuselage connection resulting in a sealed and stiffer board connection system.


  • Kite 810 Front Wing = Improved top speed and control
  • Jet HA 280 Stabilizer = Great pumping and glide with a high top speed
  • 95 cm Mast = 20% lighter, stiffer and offers more control at any speed


  • Chopped Carbon/UD Carbon Fiber Wing/Stabilizer = 25% lighter than previous years
  • Direct Connect Plate Bonded with Aircraft Grade Extruded Aluminum 95 cm Mast = Solid board connection + sealed mast
  • Updated Aircraft Grade Aluminum 64 cm Fuselage = Lighter for S25 with stainless steel Helicoil M6 thread inserts
  • 5 x 20 mm Torx Head Stainless Steel Screws (Connects Wings to Fuselage) = Superior torque + corrosion resistant
  • 3 x 25 mm Torx Head Stainless Steel Screws (Connects Mast to Fuselage) = Superior torque + corrosion resistant
  • 4 x 25 mm Torx Head Stainless Steel Screws and 4 x M6 Tab (Connects Plate to Board) = Superior torque + corrosion resistant


  • Interchangeable Board Mounts = Deep Tuttle and Abracadabra mast options available as accessories
  • Lightweight Aircraft Grade Extruded Aluminum Mast = Up to 20% lighter than 2020
  • 100% Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber Wing & Stabilizer = 25% lighter
  • CNC Precision Cut Aluminum Fuselage = With corrosion resistant helicoil inserts
  • Stainless Steel Hardware = Superior torque + corrosion resistant