Hydrofoil Lesson - Boat

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Welcome to the fastest growing sector of the kitesurfing and Surfing market. A lot of kiters who have mastered the twin tip or surfboard and looking for a new challenge and want  the ultimate feeling of floating and gliding over the water....this it it!

Already a surfer ? Want to ride normally unridable surf, small or mushy it doesn't matter! on the foil you can glide, ride and carve ocean swells away from crowded surf breaks.

The great thing about riding the Hydrofoil is its massive wind range, a 10m kite will get you up riding in 12knots or less, and keep riding well into 20 knots....

The course structure with our purpose built coaching equipment from Slingshot 

Foiling Flight School

ONE LESSON - 1.5 Hours

  • Behind the boat on a large board strapless using the best surf foils on the market - Naish Hover Large and XL-

    Now that you have the basics and are flying on the water, go into the shop and get your first Hydrofoil set up !

    How much will it cost ? Most entry level foils retail for about $1200 - $1500 bolt to your own board. Or you may want a complete set up board, mast and foil ready to fly for about $2200 - $2500. 

    Used Foil ? around  $500 - $800 for a good beginner foil. Add another $500 - $700 for a board used