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Big Wave Performer.

The beauty and allure of big wave riding is undeniable. Some of us will drop everything and drive hours in the hope of catching a really big day. And if you don’t live in Mauritius, Oahu, or Nazare, these days don’t come often enough. But when they do, you’d like to be prepared because you’ve experienced the washing machine and it's not fun.

We built the brand new Green Room for you, a big wave hunter. We know this may sound like an F-16 ad, but we can’t help it. This stick is fast. Like F-16 fast. Staying ahead of the wave is no big deal for the Green Room. It changes direction like it’s fitted with the latest “fly by wire” systems. And it feels so in control on every bottom turn due in part to the Pipeline, Supertubos, and Mavericks DNA we added. Hype [off].

What is the Green Room’s secret sauce? Glad you asked. Polyurethane foam and glass construction allow us to precisely fine tune the rails, foil, and rocker for exceptional speed and agility on steep wave faces. The board differs from our allrounder Ripper 3 in that it is noticeably narrower in width and lower in volume (-15%). It also features a rounded pin tail design that has less lift. These modifications contribute to its ability to grab hold of the wave for crazy control. A word of caution, though, this stick is not for everyone. It takes serious skill to ride this little gem. And so we named it for its ability to take exceptional riders to the holy grail of surfing - the green room.