F-One Diablo V5

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Discover the new DIABLO V5, the kite which copes with any conditions so you can focus on your racing. After 18 months of testing with our top team riders, we are proud to present our Olympic registered kite.

  • Olympics registered kite
  • Super Solid and Ultra-Stable
  • Sleek clean technical design
  • Very fast inflation

For the development of the DIABLO V5 we took a lot of time analyzing the current and possible future racing formats to determine what characteristics an Olympic race kite would require to get our rider to the top. As with all development we looked hard at our previous kites, their strengths and weaknesses and how we could use all of our previous learning to move forward. With the DIABLO V5, enter the next level of performance.

We have for this model worked on a greater internal pressure which means a super solid and stable
kite dealing with high angles of attack and fast manoeuvring. The kite offers maximum performance
with highest stability. Its new, simple and clean technical design has reduced the weight of the DIABLO V5 compared to the V4. The new high-performance construction also reduces material stretch.

Using Technora bridles and a clever internal make up, we have reduced the total bridles keeping the same strength with less drag. This improves your angles and therefore your overall performances.

By removing the mesh over the vents the V5 inflates much faster and wingtips will pop out almost
instantly. Our drainage system lets water and sand drain automatically.

Keeping up with the current racing the DIABLO V5 works brilliantly on very short lines giving you the maximum performance.

Using a new profile and arc, we have created a kite that can cope with any condition you throw at it so you can focus on the racing. VMG, speed after the manoeuvres, fantastic angles, get ready to reach your best performances on every course.