F - one Strike V3 CWC

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The STRIKE CWC has dominated light-wind wing foiling
since its appearance on the market. Our patented
3-strut wing has proven to be the ideal concept for a
successful large surface wing.
For this new edition of the STRIKE CWC, we have worked on
three areas: the fabric; the placement of these fabrics,
and the design to improve performance and durability.
The CWC V3 benefits from all the research on the NANO
ripstop and HITEX fabrics, as well as a new radial cut,
and Staggered Seams thanks to Sail Engineering. The
inflatable structure of the CWC V3 is made of HITEX
158g and 178g. This brand-new high tenacity polyester
exclusive to F-ONE offers great resistance to elongation
and therefore greater durability and performances.
These new fabrics and their placement on the wing
allow a better control of the profile for a great stability
and balance, but also extend the life of the wing.
The CWC V3 features our new NANO canopy. This
innovative micro ripstop polyester in 55g is used on
the entire canopy of the wings. It benefits from a NANO
coating and a Plasma treatment process that brings an
increased rigidity, resistance to elongation and tears,
and durability. With optimized materials and design,
the CWC V3 remains light and comfortable. These new
features not only provide control but also extend the
lifespan and performance of your wing.
Thanks to our CWC patent, the compact outline makes
it easy to obtain an incredible start when planing and
pumping. It also lets you ride effortlessly with wingtips
that always stay away from the surface of the water and
makes you feel like you’re using a 5m².
Its center strut has a small diameter design to optimize
weight. We’ve worked on maintaining the profile and
leech tension to improve the wing’s performance and
balance. The performance allows you to create apparent
wind to generate power and a good, consistent support
in light conditions.
The already impressive high range of the CWC has been
improved so you can absorb the gusts if the wind picks up.

Sizes: 6m, 7m, 8m, 9m