Copy of HYDROFOIL COURSE 6 hours

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Welcome to the fastest growing sector of the kitesurfing market. A lot of kiters who have mastered the twin tip or surfboard and looking for a new challenge and want  the ultimate feeling of floating and gliding over the water....this it it!


The great thing about riding the Hydrofoil is its massive wind range, a 10m kite will get you up riding in 12knots or less, and keep riding well into 20 knots....


The course structure with our purpose built coaching equipment from Slingshot 


(Masts pair exclusively with Slingshot's Hover Glide foil)This industry-first program suddenly makes learning to foil as easy as 1, 2, 3. Foiling Flight School is a simple do-it-yourself learning tool consisting of three separate masts of incremental lengths- 15” (38cm), 24” (61cm) and 30” (76cm). Choose individual sizes or as a package. Foiling Flight School is designed to work exclusively with our complete Hover Glide foil, which comes stock with a 35.5” (90cm) mast. • Learn to properly handle your foil board on and off the water.
• TAXI your board and a lock in on the feeling the first day.
• Insure safety and confidence each step of the way.
• Learn TOUCH AND GOES with ease and control.
• Put it all together in SOLO mode and start experiencing flight.
• No Fear, No Stress.
• Learn at your own pace.
• Added Value: Optimize your foil mast length based on local conditions. 


  • Step One -  1 hour  - free ride session with 15 inch mast and tips
  • Step Two -  1 hour  - Advance to medium length 24 inch mast start to glide
  • Step Three -  2 hours - Now on 30 inch mast riding higher and more speed
  • Step Four -  2 hours - On full length mast 35 inch maximum glide and speed above the water